Entrepreneur by Heart

I have been involved in start-up companies since I was 24. I got the bug and haven’t looked back! In some way, shape or form, I have been working with start-up or small companies to help them grow ever since. I never knew if I would ever actually start my own company though. And I certainly never would have guessed it would be making baby products. My passion has always been to help people and now I can help caregivers more easily care for their little ones and carry them through their day with them. It has been a fun journey and the network I have built over the years working for other companies is now helping me with my own company!
Just like my personal support crew, the group of people I am working with to build Baby A Designs is just as amazing. Thank you to all of you! And for the people and companies I have recently met through the journey, thank you for being on this journey and so supportive given the short time you have known me! There is definitely a special bond between entrepreneurs and a strong desire to help each other be successful. I am excited to see what the future holds for Baby A Designs.
My dream and ultimate goal for Baby A designs is to use it as a launching pad to start a foundation supporting kids aging out of the foster care system. More to come on that in future blog posts.

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