I am NOT a Blogger

When my website designer asked if I wanted to keep the blog portion of the Baby A Designs website, I said “Sure!” I am not a writer, and I write like I talk (which is terrible!), but why not! What a great way to connect with other baby-wearing fans, other foster families, and anyone who wants to connect through my website! Please don’t judge my poor writing skills, and I hope you find my blog interesting! For years my friends have said that I could start a blog on so many topics, but this one will focus on baby and foster-related topics. When it comes to fostering posts, it’s not easy for me to publicly share my stories and discuss vulnerabilities, but it will all be worth it if my experience can inspire or help even one other person. The majority of my early blogs will be related to fostering as I continue working on the prototype to get it ready for commercialization. My goal is that by the time I am done sharing my story, you are able to purchase a carrier!
One blog post down, and more to follow. Thank you so much for your support.

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