I am not so amazing, but my support system is!

When people hear that I foster, one of the most common responses is, “Wow! You are so great for being a foster parent; that is amazing!” I am not so amazing, but I have an amazing support system - I have an entire team throughout the world. I don’t do this alone. I attended the foster training and got certified, but my friends and family and complete strangers all got pulled into the trenches with me. I have always known I have awesome friends and family, but they have beyond exceeded my expectations with the amount of love, support and time they have given my babies and me. They have sacrificed hours to come over and change diapers, put babies to bed, give me some adult conversation, bring dinner, give baths, cut fingernails and toenails and SO much more. My foster agency has also been an incredible support and has been supportive of me no matter what my decisions have been. They have listened to me be mad, be sad, be happy and have walked me through situations where I just didn’t have an answer. THANK YOU to everyone who believes in me and supports me as a foster mom and in Baby A Designs. It has been so much fun starting Baby A Designs and I hope you and your friends and family enjoy the baby carriers as much as Baby A and I do.
I have been getting more and more inquiries from singles and families who are considering fostering or adoption. I will ALWAYS make time to answer questions you have on this topic and share my experience, so please don’t be shy! We can schedule a call, meet for coffee/tea/hot chocolate or whatever works best for you!

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