Meet Anna

When the idea first came about to make a baby carrier, I reached out to Red Fox Innovations in Arden Hills, MN to see if they would be interested in helping me design and manufacture the carriers. I had been talking with them about doing some work for one of my clients, so I was already familiar with them. I was excited when they agreed to work with me! In today’s blog, we would love to introduce you all to a very special member of the Red Fox team and now, our team. Her name is Anna. She has worked directly with us in designing the safest and most comfortable carrier possible. Anna attended the University of Minnesota where she studied her undergrad in apparel design. Wanting to gain more knowledge and to be able to help even more, Anna is now continuing her education and will be obtaining her master's degree through the College of Science and Engineering from the University of Minnesota in medical device innovation and design with an anticipated graduation this August. 
Anna has worked with many different companies from startup to assembly line. After finishing up her bachelors she reached out to Red Fox to help with their product development. Anna was first introduced to Red Fox during her studies and had gained connections through her college mentor Lizzy and business partner Emma. Working in her role now in medical device manufacturing is when she was introduced to me and when the Baby A design idea started to come to life. “I think it's really special seeing so many different products and companies wanting to help others; having a product that you are so deeply proud of and truly believe in really makes a difference in how that company will succeed and this product does have that,” Anna said.
Working on the design of the carrier was a collaborative process, with my ideas in hand as well as input and ideas from Anna, the product came together perfectly. I wanted to stay with my original idea of making it easy and simple for caregivers to be able to carry easily and take that stress away and she felt the same way. Anna had tried on carriers that I sent her, and she understood how some can be hard to handle. Being able to just wear a jacket or vest and snap your baby in was ideal and something we really wanted to strive for.
Anna has been working so diligently in ensuring that our Baby A Carrier is ready for regulatory testing. In March she had gone home for spring break and had planned to go back to Minnesota to the factory to finish prototypes after the break was over. Timing for that came right in hand with the pandemic we are all facing now. With health concerns of her own, sheltering in place was the safest idea. But that didn't stop her from getting the prototypes finished. Anna drove from her home in Boulder Colorado to Minnesota to get sewing machines to finish up the products for me. She and her partner packed up her car with all the essentials and hit the road. While maintaining an acceptable social distance from the rest of the world, Anna went back to Minnesota and loaded up a U-Haul with machines from Red Fox and brought them back to Colorado where she could safely finish the prototypes. This was a 14 hour drive each way!
We can’t thank her enough. Because of her motivation and drive to help, our carriers are OFFICIALLY sent to regulatory testing and should be ready in the coming weeks for pre orders!! “It's a real story and it's her real life and real people who this could make a huge difference for and that is my motivation to help her and have that personal connection with her on this journey,” said Anna. 
One of our favorite features of the carrier is how simple it is to wear and be on the go with your little one. If you can zip up a jacket or vest, you can easily wear this carrier. Just put on one of our vests or jackets and zip it up and when you’re ready to carry, simply fasten 4 of the magnetic fasteners, place your baby in the pouch, fasten the 2 remaining fasteners and you’re ready to go!! Because the fasteners are magnetic you don’t need an extra set of hands to help, you can easily do it yourself! When it’s time to remove your baby, you simply pull the pull tabs and the fasteners come apart and you can remove your baby. It’s that simple! Just like Anna had said “When there are so many unknowns when having a baby and so many new changes, there should be at least one thing that doesn’t stress you out and the Baby A Carriers do just that for you!”

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