The importance of dog wearing

My last post was about the importance of baby wearing. Now for the importance of dog wearing… Yes, you heard that right. My favorite thing about the carrier is that it works for our other babies as well! (Cats too for all my cat friends!) In fact, Harley and Davidson like it so much that my Harley gets mad when I have Baby A in the carrier instead of him. When he and Davidson were little, I did push them around in a stroller (yes…I was one of “them”). He is now old and grumpy and only wants to walk on his own, very specific terms, but he loves being worn. They both have anxiety and feel so comforted when I wear them. I wear them while I work, do chores walking outside or just hanging around. So, if you have a Harley, feel free to check out the carrier for your dog or cat! We will be designing pouches specifically for dogs soon so keep checking back for updates!

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