Two Years Later...

WOW! That sweet, little baby I picked up at Children’s Hospital two years ago today is still with me! I can’t believe it! A foster placement I thought would be a few months turned into several months and several adventures later! The age I selected for placements is 0-18 months, but what I really meant was a baby because I don’t know what to do with a 2 year old.

This sassy, adventurous girl makes me laugh every day, all day. I have never had to potty train a child. So of course, I have the child who doesn’t want to wear clothes or diapers, but doesn’t want to sit on the potty either. And for everyone who says “just let her potty train naked because she won’t like
peeing down her leg”, “ha!” is all I have to say! She is smart enough to squat and go so she doesn’t get it on herself, only the floor. And if all of that isn’t enough, she is talented enough to stand on her table at the edge, bend over and poop on the floor! All while I am cooking dinner. She is still the messiest
eater I have ever seen in my entire life. I think she thinks it takes too long to user silverware and it’s faster to shovel it in with her hands. She is finally starting to care that her hands are dirty and wants them washed frequently so I am hoping she decides that silverware will help keep her hands clean!

She still LOVES Baby Shark, Dinosaur Train, Minnie Mouse and Paw Patrol to list a few of her favorites. Most people only sign up to watch her for a few hours at a time because she is exhausting, I mean amazing. Some weeks she just doesn’t need sleep and wants to have a party from midnight till 4 a.m. She loves singing especially her ABC’s, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and 1, 2 Buckle, My Shoe. Whoever thought that when Pappaw taught her what an Exit Sign was, that she would become obsessed with them? I may need to put one in my house now. She has sung “Happy Birthday” to herself multiple times per day since her birthday. That was at the end of September. It’s now December.

She looks so much like her sister now that when I point to her own pictures on the walls in our home and ask who it is, she responds “Sissy”. She is going to think I put all of these pictures of her sister in our house, but none of her. We have been spending time looking in the mirror!

When friends and family come to visit, she typically leaves presents in their shoes and if you do your laundry at our house you better check what else is in your laundry basket when you leave! We have an advent calendar where you move a plush Baby Jesus each day to the little pocket with the date on it and then on Christmas day you put him in the manger. She is sure to feed Baby Jesus each day and also put him in time out one day. We have the elf on the shelf. It’s exhausting. Thank goodness she doesn’t get the full concept yet so if he doesn’t move it’s okay!

I don’t know that Baby A Designs would exist without Baby A, but I am grateful for both the journey with Baby A and Baby A Designs. Happy 2-year anniversary Baby A!

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