Q: Is the Baby A Designs carrier machine washable?
A: Yes! It is recommended to machine wash on delicate and hang to dry!
Q: Can you carry forward-facing with the Baby A Designs carrier?
A: Absolutley, once it's safe for your child to forward face, of course, it will be however you and your baby prefer!
Q: What is the weight limit?
A: Our carrier weight limit is 35 pounds.
Q: How is my order being shipped?
A: All of our packages are handled with USPS.
Q: What payments do you accept?
A: We accept AMEX, Mastercard, Visa and PayPal!
Q: Is the pouch and jacket or vest sold separately?
A: No, your purchase on our website will include both option of a vest and pouch or a jacket and pouch. The pouch is interchangeable with all sizes and designs of both the jacket and vest! If you need to purchase a vest, jacket or pouch separately we will be happy to complete that order with you at info@babyadesigns.com
Q: What kind of fabric is used for the vest, jacket, and pouch?
A: The vest and jacket outside material is nylon and spandex. The structure is polyester and the lining is polyester and spandex. The pouch exterior and filling is polyester and the lining is nylon and spandex!