Our Story

Let me tell you a quick story…

Once upon a time there was a girl with two wonderful dogs and a lovely baby girl. One day while juggling the task of carrying her baby while holding two leashes, the girl hit a wall. Instead of throwing the leashes in the air and giving up, she set out to find a solution to enjoy these walks with all her loved ones. That girl was me - the founder of Baby A Designs.

You see, my Baby A is my foster baby. Like her foster mama, she loves to be outside and go on walks. But of course, my two fur babies loved their walks just as much. What was a girl to do!? Deprive my loved ones of their favorite activity? I don’t think so!

Now, we all know those gifted individuals who can pull off walking two dogs while pushing a baby stroller, but let’s be honest – it’s tough!  For those of us without super-human skills, Baby A Designs is here to help.  I have one goal with Baby A Designs and that is to make a baby carrier that is simple to wear.  I used to find myself watching YouTube videos to figure how to use them! (Yes, you’re not the only one).  For those parents that want a simpler solution – Look to Baby A Designs to provide you the freedom to do you – with your baby, of course!